Engaging alumni in EESD curriculum assessment


Examining different methods to measure the effectiveness of sustainability and ethics education in engineering

Emerging undergraduate sustainable energy engineering programs in Canada and beyond :

a review and analytic comparison


Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of sustainable energy programs across Canada

Dynamic perception of sustainability in engineering students in a Mexican public higher education institution


Redefining the culture of engineering education to achieve sustainable development

Developing systems thinking for sustainable development in engineering education


Report exploring the implementation of systems thinking for sustainable development in engineering education

Developing skills for sustainability change agents with a participatory backcasting teaching toolbox


The paper describes and analyses a participatory backcasting teaching toolbox (PBTT) designed to develop a set of skills

Developing change agency for sustainable development

experiences from a new chemical engineering course


Implementing sustainable development and environmental content in curriculum

Critical evaluation of simulations and games as tools for expanding student perspectives on sustainability


Report exploring the efficacy of games and simulations to teach sustainable development in engineering

Are Finns walking the talk?

Examining the national collaboration process on engineering education for sustainable development five years later


Report that casts a critical light on efforts to implement sustainable development topics in engineering education

Water Supply Management by Communities

A New Challenge for Support Agencies


This article looks at sustainability of dispersed rural water supply systems

Technology in International Development

Course syllabus


Reference for technology and development course syllabus