Engineering sustainability markets

why T-shaped engineers need communication design


Exploring the need to effectively communicate and market sustainability products to achieve change

Engaging with sustainability through collaborative and transdisciplinary approaches to education

Case Study

Examining the benefits of the multidisciplinary approaches and exercises in sustainability education

Engaging alumni in EESD curriculum assessment


Examining different methods to measure the effectiveness of sustainability and ethics education in engineering

Energy and the environment

development of a sustainable education course

Case Study

Examining the benefits of novel class environments to teaching sustainability

Emerging undergraduate sustainable energy engineering programs in Canada and beyond :

a review and analytic comparison


Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of sustainable energy programs across Canada

Embedding sustainability principles into engineering education

Case Study

Exploring the current state of engineering education and identifying places to implement sustainability principles

Embedding sustainability in the curriculum at the engineering school of the University of Chile

Case Study

Comparing two different approaches to integrating sustainable development into engineering education

An edible education in sustainable development :

investigating chocolate manufacturing in a laboratory-based undergraduate engineering course

Case Study

Introducing students to sustainable development through a food based engineering class

Dynamic perception of sustainability in engineering students in a Mexican public higher education institution


Redefining the culture of engineering education to achieve sustainable development

Do the big sustainability challenges lie in the economic and social domains and does engineering education need to engage more with these?


Paper exploring the deficiencies of current engineering education and its inability to prepare sustainable engineers