Dynamic perception of sustainability in engineering students in a Mexican public higher education institution


Redefining the culture of engineering education to achieve sustainable development

Designing for impact

a model of community engagement for sustainable development


Exploring the complex systems that service learning programs operate in and the benefits to stakeholders

Technology, development, and poverty

Engineering and Science and creating change


A presentation examining the definitions of technology and poverty, and technology's role in development.

Developing People Through People

Looking at development from a historical and 21st century perspective


A brief examination of relief aid, MDG's and appropriate technology.

Capacity Development Videos

UNDP Playlist


This channel contains documentaries, interviews, events and other video resources produced by UNDP

Design As a Tool for Better Conversations



Jeff Chapin discusses his work with IDEO, with a closer look at his latrine and hand washing projects in Cambodia.

Improving professional writing for lay practitioners

A rhetorical approach

Lesson Plan

This tutorial presents a workshop aimed at developing persuasive writing skills


The Danger of a Single Story

TED Talk


Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice

A profile of the interculturally effective person


Selected readings from the centre for intercultural learning.

Bintu’s Boot Camp

A personal reflection


Bintu is playing the role of a stern supervisor, but she is having too much fun for the facade to hold...