The Unreasonable Institute

Failure report

We believe deeply in the work that we do. And we’re proud of it! At the same time, we believe deeply in the value of militant transparency. As a team, we’ve experienced a number of failures and false starts over the past few years. And to keep us humble and to ensure that we always learn from them, we enumerate them here.

We aren’t satisfied with how we measure our impact.

We have been incredibly fortunate to attract some notable names to the Unreasonable Institute. Our mentors are people like Neal Baer, former Executive Producer of Law & Order: SVU; John Elstrott, Chairman of the Board at Whole Foods; and Hunter Lovins, a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet. We’ve also scored some great press in places like the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. But now that we’re five years old, people should no longer be impressed by big names and press. They should be asking what are our results are.

The truth is that we haven’t made it a priority to measure our results or impact to date. Some of it’s a bandwidth issue, some of it’s a lack of clarity about the best way to do it. But we’ve known for some time that we really need to get serious about it. So we’ve taken the first step and built this results page. It offers some information about the number of ventures that have come through, how many are active, how their revenues and teams have grown, and how many have raised money.