The Community Planning Handbook

How people can shape their cities, towns & villages in any part of the world

Local communities increasingly want more influence over their surroundings and governments and professionals are increasingly interested in involving local people more to avoid the alienation created by much planning over recent decades.

In 2000, over six years of research and international networking, culminated in the publication of The Community Planning Handbook, an introduction to key principles and methods in the “art” of community participation that have been pioneered in many different countries over the past few decades.

Two years later the Handbook was also made available as a web based resource and now registers a monthly average of 100,000 hits and 15,000 successful requests for pages. Both Handbook and website underline the growing awareness, interest and recognition that the involvement of citizens in their cities is critical and the demand globally from all sides for more local involvement in the planning and management of the environment.