When Students Resist

Ethnography of a Senior Design Experience in Engineering Education


This ethnographic study explores how engineering students in a traditional senior design course interpreted design assig

Poverty and Engineering Project

Workshop 4

Lesson Plan

Activities to help build understanding of complex, and often overwhelming, challenges facing impoverished communities

The Unreasonable Institute

Failure report


To keep us humble and to ensure that we always learn from our failures, we enumerate them here

Technology in International Development

Course syllabus


Reference for technology and development course syllabus

Practical action

Energy access changes lives


We use technology to challenge poverty, working with poor women and men around the world.

The Unreasonables Trailer

Season II


These young entrepreneurs are those who are going to solve the problems facing us

Root causes of poverty – Ghana case study

Case Study

Learn about the many complex root causes of poverty

Technology, development, and poverty

Engineering and Science and creating change


A presentation examining the definitions of technology and poverty, and technology's role in development.

Appropriate Technology

Seminar 1 Presentation Topics

Lesson Plan

A list of prevalent topics in the field of poverty, development and appropriate technology for group projects.

To be an engineer

Opportunities for Global Engineering in the 21st Century


The 21st century engineer draws from a variety of disciplines to solve complex problems