When Students Resist

Ethnography of a Senior Design Experience in Engineering Education


This ethnographic study explores how engineering students in a traditional senior design course interpreted design assig

Success in development

How do we actually measure success?


An introductory presentation to how we measure success in development.

The Global Engineer

An Implementation of Outcomes-based Accreditation Requirements


Changing the way we train engineers.

Values Exercise

Lesson Plan

Core values and how they relate to EWB

Sustainability, youth action and youth impact

Elite Calgary Conference


An in-depth presentation on the definition of sustainability

Sustainable Development and Engineering Leadership


An introductory presentation on engineering leadership and sustainable development.

Sustainable Development and the Cycle of Poverty

An introduction to engineering for development.


Examining the complex cycle of poverty, with emphasis on geographic, political, economic, and social influences.

Teaching global engineering in Canada,

learning informality of the Global South


Globalisation has inspired a wide assortment of curricular initiatives within engineering education in the USA & Europe.

Poverty and Engineering Project

Workshop 4

Lesson Plan

Activities to help build understanding of complex, and often overwhelming, challenges facing impoverished communities

The Unreasonable Institute

Failure report


To keep us humble and to ensure that we always learn from our failures, we enumerate them here