University Engagement with Socially Excluded Communities

Towards the Idea of the 'Engaged University'


On the interaction between ‘university’ and those communities historically missing from higher education.

Appropriate Technology

Seminar 1 Presentation Topics

Lesson Plan

A list of prevalent topics in the field of poverty, development and appropriate technology for group projects.

Sustainability, youth action and youth impact

Elite Calgary Conference


An in-depth presentation on the definition of sustainability

Sustainable Development and Engineering Leadership


An introductory presentation on engineering leadership and sustainable development.

Sustainable Development and the Cycle of Poverty

An introduction to engineering for development.


Examining the complex cycle of poverty, with emphasis on geographic, political, economic, and social influences.

Technology in International Development

Course syllabus


Reference for technology and development course syllabus

Technology, development, and poverty

Engineering and Science and creating change


A presentation examining the definitions of technology and poverty, and technology's role in development.

Technology, governance and place

Situating biotechnology in Kenya


Reconnecting to the idea of place and examining networked strategies of marginalised actors

Root causes of poverty – Ghana case study

Case Study

Learn about the many complex root causes of poverty

The Community Planning Handbook

How people can shape their cities, towns & villages in any part of the world


Local communities increasingly want more influence over their surroundings